Achieve Change

Achieve Change

Achieving Change through Education Awareness and Fundraising

In order to further the impact of change regarding access to clean water, I will develop a plan for a campaign that educates and raises funds for a specific organization called Splash. The water crisis is not only felt nation by nation, but globally. As a community, society, nation, etc. we should be concerned with the future of our access to water. Educating audiences from different backgrounds including economic, demographic, or geographic locations will enhance the understanding and feeling of concern and hopefully compel people to donate money towards improving the access to clean water to countries that Splash works with.  

Covering an issue such as access to clean drinking water can seem overwhelming and daunting at first.  The group of people I chose to educate comes from an environment close to me. In order to reach a wide variety of people with the power to incite change in a unique way, I have decided to gather and introduce some of the implications of our global water crisis to the community of athletes at Muhlenberg College. Educating the athlete community at Muhlenberg can be successful if you appeal to their values as an athlete or as a student. Being a college athlete for four years, I know that athletes respond best to competition, hard work, tough  and intriguing challenges, inadequate performance conditions, and their ability to have an impact within other communities. Once there has been a scheduled meeting time to discuss the global water crisis and the impeding concern surrounding it, I will be one step closer to achieving change within my covered issue.

After adequately educating and inspiring the athletic community at Muhlenberg College about our global water crisis and what the Splash organization is successfully doing, we will host a fundraiser that promotes people within the Muhlenberg community to reach out to family and relatives in places all over the country to donate an amount of their choice to the Splash organization.

Our success is indicated by the amount of donators we reach. Even if there is a small amount donated, we will be satisfied with knowing that we have reached a broad and diverse audience outside of Muhlenberg.